Luke - vocals, guitars
Bax - bass, backing vocals
Rick - drums
rejetto - electronics


The in vitro origin of Misty Morning came in 1995, exactly in the head of Luke (Luca Moretti: vocals and guitars) who, along with MaxBax (Massimo Vendittozzi: bass), keeps this entity in an embryonic stage until 2007, when Frankie Insulina (Francesco de Dominicis: drums) joined the band.

After a year of live performances, the trio is ready to record its self-produced CD, “Martian Pope”, which received enthusiastic feedbacks both from press and audience.

On 2009, an intense live activity and U.S. radios’ broadcasting allow the band to sign for Doomanoid Records which remixes and remasters a reissue of the band's debut E.P featuring a previously unreleased bonus track - a cover of The Wizard by Black Sabbath, given the Misty Morning treatment. Misty Morning can now land on foreign stages,  gaining exciting success in Ireland and England.

In the spring of 2010 Misties replenish their ranks with a new member, “rejetto” (Massimo Melina: keyboards, samples and vocoder). Psychedelia and Progressive creep between the fat rocky riffage and the band begins to take particular care for live performances by enriching them with video projections: here’s the “Misty Morning Screen Experience in Cinemascope”’s era and the “Meet the Misties” series of events in Rome, where they share the stage with significant Roman rock bands.

In August 2011, the band releases “Saint Shroom”, a maxi single on vinyl still on Doomanoid Records , forerunner of the forthcoming album. Press and audience appreciate the band’s further step forward in search of their own identity. Live activity is concentrated in Rome and the Misties get ready to record their first long playing album.

After a long pregnancy, “GA.GA.R.IN.” comes to life. Produced by Misty Morning for Magick Science Records, expected in Autumn 2014 along with promotional tour around Europe.