Doom Metal Alliance Sampler

online compilation  for the DMA community.


Hounds of Hasselvander - Pull the Switch
From the self titled album

Misty Morning - astrosarcophagus
From the "Martian Pope EP"

Beneath Oblivion - Melancholia
From the album "Existance Without Purpose"

Matsudo - Riff Hewn Alter
From the album "W.A.Z.N.E.R"

Cardinals Folly - Rasputin (The Mad Monk)
From "The Heritics Hangover EP"

Sons of Otis - The Truth
Taken from the album "Spacejumbofudge"

Ira Del Baccano - Don Bastiano
Taken from "Si Non Sedes is Live MMVII

Throm - Babin Kuk
Take from their first gig

Ethereal Dirge - There Will Be Blood
taken from the EP- 'Warm The Globe'

Hyperion Blast - Dorvidenja
Taken from the "Forecasters of the Armageddon EP"

Chamber of Sorrows - Gaurdians of the Gate
From the self titled album


cover & logo by stritty


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