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Saint Shroom
(Luca Moretti)

Yeah Xochipilli's child
Woo Lord Soma, let our spirit ride
Prince of Flowers stretched his hands to heaven
Altars for the flesh of gods - far-flung garden rites
Moses' flock was fed with godsend Manna
Spore is our communion - soul boost overdrive, yeah!
Toadmonks in procession - vixen nun will feast
Hierophants of Bacchus drink Ambrosia, almighty yeast
RG Veda:
"As we drink the Soma, we become immortal
We attained the light, we soar through thee, to god ascend"
Tonite we'll breathe the Universe
The Stellar Semen God ignites
Fertile the Womb, Terrestrial Bride
Come Micotics , come to the Shaman
Praise your Saint Shroom, Praise! He's the gear/son of God!
On a Spore Galore! Divine Revel! Praise your Saint Shroom!
Belladonna circle and the witches ride their brooms
Viking in berserk, Hashshashin worshippers of whom
Sail with red cap spacesuits on the "Mars' Woodpecker Quest"
Melt your soul with toadstool 'till you reach the cosmic nest

Here come the Vultures in dovish dress
Scavenge for woe and grief, sorrow they bless
Behind a wooden cross they hide our Lord of Moss
Beneath their vicious sermons they shroud our Fungi Cult!
"Funge Noster qui es ubicumque: sanctificétur Nomen Tuum;
advéniat Regnum Tuum; fiat volúntas Tua, sicut in caelo, et in terra.
Panem nostrum cotidianum es nobis hódie;
et attolle nobis ingenia nostra, sicut et nos attollimus fratibus nostris;
et ne nos relinquas in ignorantiam; sed líbera nos a velo. Shemhamforash."


Look up to the sky, my little snail
Tell me what you find, what you unveil
Love's the gear of the universe
Holding tight the entireness
Love's the key of mystery
Disclose the universe to me
The answer is just the question
When you will trans pass the truth
There's only one dimension
When whole and void live in you
This serendipity of prime alchemy
We spread our souls in shroomery
This serendipity of prime alchemy
Bemushroomed your humanity
Now I can see through symbiont mold of unity
Entwine with cosmic strings the essence of eternity
Now I can see the bond between you and me
Like strands in DNA, love you for an eternal day

(Luca Moretti)

I crawl throughout the cosmos
No soul inside of me
My thirst of domination
A force that you can't see

I sow the night

I spread my cloak of shadows
I swallow galaxies
Set free your superegoes
A gift I love to give

Your hate has made me stronger
My limbs are growing longer
My possession is liberty
From duty of humanity

I'm Therion, the lord of mourn

I am Jellotron, and you live through me
Touch my Jellotron, it's ecstasy
Touch my Jellotron, I drain your world
I am Jellotron, Black conqueror

When sheeps will turn to lions
Fulfil your cruel desire
The sinners' blood on iron
Orgiastic masses friar
God, Satan, Lucifer
You know my thousand names
The principle of love
The truth upon my flames

I'm Astaroth, the great king moth

I am Jellotron, and you live through me
Touch my Jellotron, it's ecstasy
Touch my Jellotron, I dream your world
Die in Jellotron, Green conqueror

I'm Azrael, your winged hell

On my Jellothrone, and I live through you
From my Jellothrone, universe I rule
fron my Jellothrone, astral menace
On my Jellothrone, tyrant of space

Doom Saloon
(Luca Moretti)

Welcome to the Doom Saloon
out of space-tequila boom

space cowboys with laser guns
riding thunder mosquitos-benz

velvet pussies dance on your grave
techno cancan-dance insane

whisky springs from the saturn’s rings
distilled with black holes and solar beams

LSD planets collide
follow the worms of time

Doom Saloon-No return
Doom Sallon-Psycho Boom

Jedi gamblers loose their swords
in a poker game of Force

General Custer under magic pills
flirting with Buffalo Bill

the undertaker on the unicorn
take to the tomb red skeleton

from ’Shroom-Station did it came?

Doom Saloon-No return
Doom Saloon-Kiss your tomb
Doom Saloon-Wait for you
Doom Sallon-Psycho Boom

In the middle of the universe it stands
with psychedelic travels you can reach
treeman of knowledge
will guide you through the vortex

When dreams and nightmares are unites
the Lone Shaman was found
the gates of Doom Saloon
will open for you!

(The fabulous trip of Mangustadrone in the Land of Cobra Porn)
(Luca Moretti)

I'm the One, Mangustadrone
with cyber balls and silver chrome
electric feather wings
floating in a misty wind

bright soul into filthy stone
in his spires an hidden son
I faced Morpheus eyes
crimson visions-hipnotised

My wicked dream
lost in the obscene
grow eternal seeds

my dusted dream
psychic rumbling chains
a carnal echo through my brain

at the court of Cobra Porn
roaring spyro, broken bones
mistic bite rips the air
mecha-nails, his head I bare

my wicked dream
lost in the obscene
grow eternal seed

my dusted dream
enlight monstrousity
neurotical disease

my wicked dream
losing sanity
collapsed galaxies

my dusted dream
psychic rumbling chains
a carnal echo through my brain

wounded child in endless sleep
watch my hollow hands-they bleed
lust reptile is my face
a new dark emperor-dream embrace...?

No Mood (Necromancer's ride)
(Luca Moretti)

arise you all from the ancient stream
arise you all from your darkest dream
inhale the knowledge of deads
listen to my invocation
falling faster to damnation
no, the march is on!

Start the mistic mourning
cosmic wind is blowing
necromantic power
from the mushroom flower

catacomb is open
my emotions gettin' frozen
ghostly breath's filling me
mummified feelings

no mood
defunct tears-I cried
necromancer's ride

I have no mood
a step on the edge of doom
I'll be the lord of this world
now you know the power
of the necromantic flower
deep in me, grow in me

rotten bodies crawling
draining my perception
carcass moon is bleeding
obscuring my sensation

when the rites are over
decomposed legion
human being on his knees
kingdom of ethereal breed

no mood
my mind is blind and dumb
through path of dead-I run

no mood
defunct tears I cried
necromancer's ride

(Luca Moretti)

seal of purity upon my living coffin
litanies of technopriest,
somewhere the Death is laughing
march through bloodshed soil,
iron feet on mortal spoil
forged in the furnace of war,
machine god's juggernaut

Toll the great bell

the universe twists in blood red shades
biopiston engaged
sings a mercy's mourn throughout the space

From his golden throne,
the emperor of earth
silent leads for eternity,
carnage of thirsting gods
suddenly I realize:
no peace up in the sky
Lord of warp
will illuminate the end of paradise

Toll the great bell once