Misty Morning - Martian Pope Deluxe Edition


The historic first DOOMANOID RECORDS release!
(Cat no : NOID001)
Completely Remixed and Remastered reissue of the band's debut E.P.
6 tracks of heavy Italian "Shroom Doom." Misty Morning take you on a trip to the Doom Saloon with their cosmic lyrics and Sabbath-inspired riffs.

This deluxe edition features exclusive new artwork by Jason Juta (Star Wars RPG artist) and previously unreleased bonus track - A cover of The Wizard by Black Sabbath, given the Misty Morning treatment!
Doomanoid Records (NOID001)

“… and a rumble shook the galaxy. The goat and the mole arrived, adoring. From the highs of the new Babel tower He stood tall, proud and austere: Martian Pope. Meantime, on the planet Earth, the mist of the morning didn’t seem to clear away…”

The musical entity “Misty Morning” was born in the far 1995 from the mind of Luca Moretti who, together with Massimo Vendittozzi, decided to give sonic form to the strange agitations of their souls. At the dawn of the year 2007, after more than one decade of musical experiences and parallel projects, Francesco de Dominicis finally joined the duo. The agreement of this three-some, held together by the shared influences of the individuals, gives life to the musical alchemy of the band, that after a year of live exhibitions and studio work, recorded the lysergic testimonies and the mystic visions of Martian Pope.

Fat and sepulchral voices, monolithic guitars, acid and choky basses, cosmic-hermetic-like drums are their weapons of choice. "Martian Pope" is a galaxy set with wondrous tales, it’s a journey on a starship piloted by Misty Morning through the Dantesque rounds of multiverses; The trio, though inspired by the doom founders, manages to keep a very personal sound and songwriting and their Astral Stoner Doom' n' Roll breathes and transudes from the 5 aria which compose their first EP.

If the title track begins the poisonous celebrations for the awakening of the Pontiff From Mars, "Doom Saloon" sings about the centre of the universe: sci-fi-western blends with fast-paced southern-doom and makes arrangements for the coming of the stony suite: “My Wicked Dream (the fabulous trip of mangustadrone in the land of cobra porn)”, a granitic mantra with pachydermatous movements inspired by Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain. “No Mood (necromancer’s ride)” is akin to a Cathedral-style doom ride, where the rhythmic breath scans the phases of a Faust-like thirst of knowledge, until the final stage: the dramatic loss of the last bit of humanity (like the best Lovecraftian tradition teaches us). A vague arpeggio from the ancient Egypt brings a sandy taste to the mouth as we’re introduced to “Astrosarcophagus”, a reflection on the dilemma of the never ending war. Inspired by the Warhammer 40.000 gothic-future setting, the sulphureous gait à la Electric Wizard shows all the agony of a soldier’s soul, sentenced to fight on, even after his own death, up to the end of the universe.

This is the journey of the Martian Pope, this is the Astral Stoner Doom' n' Roll of Misty Morning.

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Released 30 October 2009
Luke - Guitars & Vocals
Max - Bass & Backing Vocals
Franz - Drums

Massimo Ruscitto - Guest Keyboards

All songs arranged by Misty Morning
All songs written by Luca Moretti
except n.°3 and n.°5 written by Moretti, Vendittozzi
The Wizard written by Black Sabbath
Recorded on March 7th, 2008
Remixed on September 9th, 2009 @ Elefante Bianco
by Raimondo Mosci & Massimo Ruscitto
Mastered @ Reference Studio
by Fabrizio de Carolis

Cover Paint by Jason Juta

Photo by Stefano "Kap" Sebastiani
Misty's logo & graphic design by Luca Moretti

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